Partners in Caring

A nurturing environment is important to health and healing. When a loved one is in the hospital, family members and friends can provide vital support both during the hospital stay and after the return home. We find that when family or friends are active in a patient’s care, recovery is faster and the return to home easier.
Our Partners in Caring Program was developed to facilitate this support. Patients are encouraged to select a person to be their Partner in Caring. This person will receive a meal card that identifies him/her as a Partner in Caring.*
*While a patient may choose more than one person for Partners in Caring, only one meal card is given per patient.
What does a Partner in Caring do?
  • A Partner in Caring provides emotional, physical and educational support for a patient.
  • This person is responsible for providing assistance to the patient during and after the hospital stay.
  • As a Partner in Caring, you are part of the care team, and we would like to thank you by providing a meal pass per day of service.
Your meal card has a pre-designated value. Present it in the Cafeteria or hospital coffee shop for payment on your purchase. Cards are valid for 2 days from the date of issue. Additional cards may be issued if you are continuing in the program.
A Partner in Caring may:
  • Assist with personal care such as bathing, grooming, oral hygiene, menu selection, and feeding.
  • Provide comfort care such as back rubs, foot rubs, manicures, or relaxation activities.
  • Answer the phone in the patient’s room and provide updates to family and friends.
  • Stay overnight with the patient to provide patient assistance and safety.
  • Be a part of the discharge planning and help with home care.

With the approval of nursing staff a Partner in Caring may:
  • Assist the patient with walking in the room or in hospital hallways.
  • Add or remove food from the patient’s diet.
Only nursing staff may:
  •  Administer medications
  • Use hospital lift devices
These are suggested activities, determined in part by the patient’s needs and condition as well as your comfort level as a Partner. A change in your loved one’s condition may change the ability to participate in the program.
If you have any questions about the Partners in Caring program or would like to become a Partner for your loved one, please talk to your loved one’s nurse.
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