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HSHS Pharmacy helps patients understand their prescriptions through Medication Therapy Management

Understanding medications can be tricky, especially when some have long and complex names. HSHS Pharmacy, located within HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital, is available to help.

Our pharmacists are specially trained to help prescribers and patients manage medications using Medication Therapy Management. Through this process, the pharmacists will help you understand your medications and the possible side effects.

Often times patients are taking multiple prescriptions, making it difficult to keep track of each medication and the proper dosage. Juggling multiple prescriptions can also make it harder to monitor for side effects.

Medication Therapy Management entails a thorough review of a patient’s medication profile, including medications taken over the counter.
During this review, the pharmacist will go over each medication and assess its appropriateness. More specifically, the pharmacist may examine why a medication is prescribed, its intended benefits, as well as what possible side effects or interactions the medication may have. 
The pharmacist will also review a patient’s regimen and make sure the patient is not missing any vital medications for their health conditions.  Each Medication Therapy Management session offers an opportunity for patients to sit down with an expert and learn about their medications and why they are taking them.
Patients are also able to ask any questions or voice any concerns that they may have. In the event a concern arises, our pharmacists at HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital will act as a liaison between you and your prescriber, to facilitate any changes that may be necessary.
Scheduling a Medication Therapy Management session is easy at HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital. Call HSHS Pharmacy at (920) 846-8059, and speak with any of the pharmacists or pharmacy technicians to set up a session.
As medication experts, pharmacists often offer information and advice to both patients and prescribers, placing pharmacists in a prime position to help with medication therapy questions.
Get better acquainted with your medications as well as your local pharmacist!
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