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Thyroid awareness month

With January being Thyroid Awareness Month, I want to focus on the thyroid gland – how it helps and how it can cause trouble.

Breast cancer awareness

It’s October and breast cancer awareness month. When we talk about breast health, mostly we talk about breast cancer and for many, it can do real damage if you ignore the signs and symptoms, and don’t get help early.

Screening for Colon Cancer

While I’ve never known anyone who wanted colon cancer, I’ve also never known anyone who actually wanted a colonoscopy. Dr. Richard McNutt explains the process of a colonoscopy, click here to learn more!

Can I live without my gallbladder?

Your gallbladder absorbs quite a bit of fat at one meal. Without a gallbladder, you can still absorb fat, just not as much at one time.

What kind of surgery do you do?

This is probably the question I get asked most often – by my family, friends and patients. When I started my practice to Oconto Falls, I wanted to focus on the kind of surgeries that belong in a small town hospital.

Will surgery hurt?

In short, pain is a part of the healing process after surgery. But at HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital we do our best – from start to finish – to understand your pain and individualize your treatment so that you feel better faster.

Skin cancer

The key to an improved outcome in treating melanoma is an early diagnosis. Prevent what you can, diagnose early, treat completely and follow up. The great part is that with melanoma – prevention, early diagnosis and follow up can be done at home.

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